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Our Primary Goals and Values

While some organizations talk the talk, at Linnie Carter & Associates LLC, we talk the talk AND walk the walk.

Our primary goals are simple: To make sure our clients always celebrate the day they hired us and to exceed their expectations.

To achieve these goals, we are guided by five core values:

  1. Confidentiality — Discretion and confidentiality are essential. We will never share with others information that is entrusted to us.

  2. Excellence — We strive for excellence and do whatever it takes — ethically, morally and legally — to achieve it.

  3. High Performance — Our work ethic is unmatched and is reflected in high-quality work that is produced by established deadlines and within budgetary limits.

  4. Integrity — We will always be truthful, sincere and candid with you and will never engage in unethical, immoral or illegal activities. Our word is our bond.

  5. Service — We are client-focused, responsive, committed and loyal. If we commit to doing something, you can consider it do

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