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Student Evaluation

  • enjoyed you!!! a blessing!

  • Wonderful instructor. Loves the students and glad she’s in the journalism family.

  • AWESOME TEACHER! Gave real life examples of Public Relations that we can relate to. I enjoyed this class. lt really prepared me and gave me good real world advice

  • Dr. Carter is a wonderful addition to the JOMC department.

  • I know that Dr. Linnie Carter is new to the JOMC department and I am very happy with her teaching. She genuinely cares about the students and wants to make sure that we are prepared for the PR world. Her teaching style is exceptional and I actually look forward to going to her class and learning. Her excitement for teaching is contagious to her students and makes us excited about learning. Thank you to leadership and management for considering the “students” when hiring such a wonderful professor!

  • EXCEPTIONAL PROFESSOR!! One of the best that A&T has to offer!! Always on task and THOROUGHLY knows her craft! Does not work from book, instead teaches from real life publications, events, and situations and gives us TONS of opportunities to apply what we learn to real life.

  • Dr. Carter is an extremely challenging professor, but her methods of getting her messages across are not only useful, but make you want to be the best you possibly can be. I absolutely loved being challenged and what I’ve learned in this course.

  • Dr. Carter was the best thing to happen to the JOMC department. She really knows all there is to know about public relations and she takes the time to be available for her students and she will be a great mentor to have after graduation.


  • Great Course!


  • Dr. Carter is a great teacher, and I am so glad that she is a part of the faculty of NC A&T State University

  • A great teacher, she is a blessing to the JOMC department, I thank God for her!!

  • Dr. Carter is great!!!

  • Dr. Carter is one of the best professors that I have ever had during my tenure at A&T. she has the students’ best interest at heart and strives to prepare us for the real-world. Dr. Carter is the first professor to actually listen to the students’ needs and wants and adjusted the syllabus based on our strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Carter is not only a professor but she is a mothering figure at the same time, her office is always open to students and she pushes us to strive for the best in everything we do. She is the greatest addition and asset to our department and the best had yet to come for her. With this semester alone Dr. Carter has worked to revise the public relations curriculum so that it can be beneficial to future students. I have enjoyed the experience with Dr. Carter this semester and I am sad that I have to leave. I wish her the best in the future with other classes and I know that other students that will have Dr. Carter will understand the true power of public relations.

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